Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Very lush

I had a miserable morning at work yesterday and for the first time in a long time I decided I deserved a little treat to cheer myself up.

I work in walking distance of Telford Shopping Centre and at lunchtime, I made my way over and kept my fingers tightly crossed that Lush still had a shop there.

I love Lush; it's one of my favourite places and it's the perfect shop to visit if you need a pick-me-up. I have NEVER seen an unhappy face in Lush; the bright colours, sparkles and beautiful aromas don't allow it!

I really took my time looking around and breathing in the different scents. I knew I wanted something that I could use in the bath and that would leave me feeling relaxed and at peace with myself, and I didn't want to take the obvious option of a bath bomb; I wanted to try something new.

I eventually settled on a Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb and a Karma Bubble Bar. When I went to pay, the young guy that served me was so enthusiastic about the bubble bar that I knew I had to use it first.

And that's the other thing, both of the guys that were working yesterday lunchtime were fabulous. There is no other word for them! They were warm, passionate, knowledgeable and just the right level of chatty. They made me feel like I was being welcomed into a special club and really did turn my day around for me. I didn't take their names but Lush, you should be very proud of them!

So, what did I make of the Karma Bubble Bar?

I loved the bright orange colour.

I crumbled the whole bar under the running water and it dissolved quickly and completely; there were no lumps or grainy bits left at the bottom of the bath.

The water turned a lovely shade of orange and oh my, there were a LOT of bubbles!

I don't have the most discerning sense of smell but the sweet aroma of oranges really came through. And as soon as I sank under the water, I felt my limbs relax and my mind still.

The bubble bar left my skin feeling as though it was covered in oil. I felt sensual and indulgent and I had the best night's sleep in a long time.

If you haven't tried a Karma Bubble Bar then you have to give one a go!

Lush, I WILL be back!


Katriina said...

I love Lush too! Recently I treated myself to a Lush "massage oil" that is actually in solid form and dissolves as you rub it onto your skin. Absolutely amazing.

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