Thursday, 31 January 2013

Out of my head please!

Raaargh! I have so many thoughts in my head but that's where they seem to stay! I could really do with some kind of device that plugs into my brain and recognises the precise moment that I'm feeling a bit of blog-spiration and immediately transmits my words into a shiny, fresh post for me!

Oh my god! It looks like I've wrapped a piece of licorice around my head!
So far, I want to write about:
  • When I started taking my anti-depressants
  • Having a Christmas blip
  • A new interest
  • Why I've fallen in love with Elle magazine
  • Talking (or not) about PND
  • Being Human's nearly back
  • My hair
  • Neon makeup
  • My crush on John Constantine
  • Mealplanning
  • Revamping my spending habits
  • The first few months with 2 under 2
  • My 2013 plans
Then add to that the 4 book reviews which I'd planned to write before Christmas and obviously didn't. Sorry!
Anyway, I've decided that I need to just write, and get it all out. I need to practise, practise, practise, write, write write and I don't think I particularly want to promote any of it on twitter. I think I want to just take a break from the whole increasing readership thing and if people find me and like what they read then great, but if they don't then it's no big deal because the important thing is that I'll be working on building good writing habits.
It actually feels quite a relief to write all that down!
PS: Happy New Year!!!

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