Saturday 9 February 2013

Animal print clothing

I was walking through the entrance of my local Asda and spotted this gorgeous little leopard-print blazer:
Animal Print Jersey Blazer from George at Asda
The picture doesn't do it justice at all - you really need to see it on the hanger - but it totally reminded me of how much I used to love wearing animal prints, which I vaguely alluded to in a previous Buffy the Vampire Slayer related post.
I can imagine wearing this blazer at work, as the print is quite subtle and not too in-your-face. I can also imagine this would make a good introduction into the world of animal print clothing if you've always wanted to have a go but never really had the confidence to try it before. I only wish I'd tried it on to see how it had actually looked on me.
But nevermind, as it's given me a bit of a yen instead for a fabulous pair of animal print trousers. Something along the line of these:
Skinny Leopard Print Trousers by Missguided
In fact, I could totally be persuaded to wear animal print trousers with a matching blazer to work, as long as it fit really nicely and the print was classy rather than cheesy. Teamed with a top and shoes in a block colour, and keeping any jewellery low-key, I think it could be a surprisingly professional look.
Out of work, I fancy wearing the trousers with a top in quite a striking colour - red or maybe a burnt orange. There was a time when I thought the only colour you could safely wear with animal print was black but after catching a few glimpes of Kate Spade's collection at New York Fashion Week, I realise I've been missing out and a bit more experimenting is called for!
What about you? Are you a fan of animal prints? 


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