Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Commercial break : I spy with my little eye

...something beginning with U


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Mum of One


Mum of One said...

Brilliant! Upsy-daisy!

Minisaurus said...

It's that freak Upsy Daisy! Ooo look my skirt has blown up! HUSSY!

Cheetahs In My Shoes said...

Fab Upsy *I'm employed in the oldest profession in the world lifting my skirt for anyone* daisy.

Actually Mummy said...

Upsy Daisy! I remember her - from some nightmare I had a number of years ago. She was a mate of those teletubbies, wasn't she? Disreputable gang!

motherventing said...

Upsy Daisy, here I come! I'm the only Upsy one! I'm the only Daisy too, ipsy upsy daisy boo!

*weeps softly into cushion*

The Last Slayer said...

LOL! And there was me thinking I'd posted a slightly trickier than usual I Spy! Well done everyone!!

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