Monday 18 June 2012

Look at me! I'm really, really running!

Week seven: Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk then 25 minutes of running.

Without doubt, week 7 of my Grr Argh Challenge has been my most successful.

Each workout, I managed to run about 2 miles in 25 minutes, sometimes just over this, and although this is a little short of the 2.5 miles that the plan indicates is needed to put me on target to be able to run 5k in 30 minutes, it's phenomenal to know a couple of months ago, I couldn't, and didn't, run at all. Look how far I've come!

The high spot of the week occurred just as I was about to start my 5 minute cool-down walk in workout 3. Husband had put together a playlist for me to listen to and had snuck one of 'our' songs on, which he knew would a) make me feel good and b) put a big smile on my face. It did both of these things when it came on and I really couldn't have ended my session on the treadmill in a better way.

Here it is for your delectation:

I'm keeping it on my playlist as I think the number of bpm will help me keep a nice, steady running pace plus it's really happy and uplifting.

Another surprise track on my playlist was "Just Like A Pill" by Pink. I would never have thought to add this myself but thanks to husband, it's another song that's staying on and which gave me a much-needed boost due to its energy and attitude. In case you haven't heard it, here it is:

And finally, I need to ask a question. What do you do if you get a stitch when you're running? Am I supposed to stop? keep running and breathe through it? or is there something else I should be doing? I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer.

Now bring on week 8!


Anonymous said...

God I hate stiches. I try not to stop, I tend to slow down my pace and concentrate on my breathing i.e. breathe properly not shallow upper chest breathes but big belly lungfuls.
If I drink water when I run I get stitches, probably because I knock my breathing out of sync.

Well done on week 7. :)

The Last Slayer said...

I went with the slow down a little and keep breathing approach as well. It's the first time I've had a stitch during this challenge so it was really unexpected.

Liz said...

Ah, the dreaded stitch...I usually dramatically slow down, clutching at my side like I've been stabbed with a spear and cry out 'I can't keep going, go on without me...' or something equally over-dramatic. I'm not sure it's been proven, but I think it's to do with going into anaerobic respiration, so yes - good breathing will help. Proper breathing, like the commenter above says. It usually goes away, or reduces to a manageable level so you can keep going. Unless you're looking for a reason to stop, which is my excuse :)

Jennifer Jain said...

I agree with the breathing tips, when running I try to time my breathing to my steps. I also find it's best not to eat or drink anything before (or during!) running. I try to keep running through it and it usually passes, but it can be difficult and makes the whole run much harder.

Congratulations, you're doing really well!

Wag Doll said...

Ah the dreaded stitch! Yes I used to get them a lot altho haven't had one for a while thank goodness. I worked out a few things contributed, a full belly...whether food or water. Also if I've done very heavy ab work in the days previously. And mainly if I don't 'time' my breathing to my steps, If your stitch is on the right side as mine usually are I read that if you start your breath out as your left foot lands on the floor it's less likely to cause a stitch than your right foot lands on the floor, because its your heavy liver jigging about on the right causing the stitch. Sounds weird but does seem to work too! xx

Anonymous said...

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