Saturday 7 July 2012

Stylin' the apocalypse

Saturday nights are rubbish so rather than spend my evening scrutinising the tv guide and getting frustrated at the lack of anything remotely good being on, I decided to have a root through my wardrobe and choose a suitable outfit for the you do!

Here's what I settled on:

I've decided to channel a bit of Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil with this black lace dress from H&M, which I'm teaming up with a red butterfly belt, my favourite brown lightweight utility jacket from New Look, brown tights and brown pirate-style boots.

I find jeans and trousers really uncomfortable since having kids so a dress is definitely the best option for me. It'll give me freedom of movement and allow me to roundhouse kick plenty of zombies in the head!

I do have a red furry jacket which I could have chosen in place of this utility jacket. Although it's a lot thicker and would offer much more protection from zombie bites, it's a bit too bulky for the apocalypse and would be really hot to run in. A number of thinner layers is surely the better option.

The weak point of the outfit is definitely the boots. They're comfy enough but they're not exactly made for running away from the undead hordes. Clearly a bit of looting will be in order for something similar to these, which I think will be much more practical for my running and fighting needs!

Now I want to know about your post-apocalyptic clothing choices. These are the rules:

1) You must construct your outfit using clothes that are in your wardrobe and accessories you already own

2) Come back and leave a comment/link on this post so I know you've taken part and I can pop on over to visit you and check out your outfit

3) Tag as few or as many people as you like to carry on this meme

And to start things off, I'm tagging Mushypea from Mushypea, Sprout et al, Erin from American Mom in England, Claire from Chapters of Claire and Laura from Chez Mummy. Mwa ha ha ha!

And if you've read this and fancy taking part as well then consider yourself well and truly tagged!

Go get stylin'!


More Than a Mum said...

I love this! Great idea and have no doubt what ever evil lurks in the apocalpyse it will not mess with you!

Claire said...

I've done my post!

Thanks for the tag, I'm getting back into this blogging lark :)

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