Monday 19 August 2013

I know what you put in Room 101 last summer

Stickers, Stars and Smiles

I've been tagged by Charlotte, the Distressed Housewife, to think of three things that I would put into my own personal Room 101, as part of a meme started over at Stickers, Stars and Smiles.

If you want to join in, the rules are:
  • Pick three things/people/whatever that you would shove in a room never to see the light of day again (Room 101)
  • Explain why should they go in there
  • Tag three bloggers to carry the meme forward (if you want to).
  • Display the Room 101 badge (at the bottom of this post) so your readers can find all of the other posts in the meme.
Now there's no way my post is going to be half as funny as Charlotte's so instead, I've decided to base my Room 101 around horror films; hence the cunning title of this post!

In no particular order, here are my three:

Turn the lights on! Okay, this isn't exclusive to horror films but it drives me up the wall. If you're going to look around someone's house because you can't get in touch with them and/or think they've been killed, turn the bloody lights on! There's NO NEED for you to stumble around in the dark, trying to make sense of the shadows and guessing about the source of any strange noises. Seriously, it will be much easier to find out what's going on (and spot if there's anyone hiding behind a door/under the bed/in a wardrobe) if you just TURN THE LIGHTS ON!! 

Don't split up! If you and your friends are being picked off one by one by a madman, why oh why would you even consider splitting up at any point? It won't be quicker to find your missing friend/put the lights back on/obtain weapons or help if you take a task each and split up to do it, you'll just be DEAD!

If the lights unexpectedly go out, don't investigate to find out why! This applies even more when your torch is on the blink and/or you're wearing  unsuitable footwear. I refer you back to point 2 above; you know that you and your friends are being picked off by a psycho so why would you even contemplate going to find out why your house/office/other building was suddenly plunged into darkness? The rule of thumb in this situation is ALWAYS run away fast!

To carry on this meme, I am tagging Liz at Margot & Barbara, Avon (who incidentally wrote this fabulous guest post for me) and Mummy Plum. In fact, I'm going to break the rules and tag my sister Laura at Chez Mummy as well because I think she'll enjoy joining in with this.


Laughtermudandmayhem said...

These are all the reasons I don't watch horror films. That and I'm a massive baby. ;)

Unknown said...

Love it! I like that you've got a theme, clever idea. ALL these things drive me bonkers! I'm the one shouting at the screen, 'Don't go and see where the noise is coming from, you mentalist! Just run!' My husband has to remind me it's in the script because I can get a bit carried away by the stupidity of the characters ;) Great post. Thanks for joining in, hun xx

Mummy Plum said...

I'm such a scaredy cat I never watch scary films..ever. Even reading this makes me feel on edge, thinking about those dark movies *shudders*.

Lisa1970 said...

Brilliant idea!

In a way these things are good though because while we're distracting ourselves by shouting about the stupidity on screen we're missing the really scary bits! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Just remembered I've still to do this! I shall do it later this week - so sorry, I was away on holiday when I got the tag and so I forgot. Will have a mull over what to put in Room 101 now!!

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