Friday, 31 May 2013

How do you write your blog posts?

I realised earlier today that I could post a lot more on here than I actually do. 

When I take the time to stop and think about it, there have been days where any number of things have caught my attention - news items, something I've come across on Youtube, a song, a memory - and in my head, I'm turning them over, silently chatting to myself and thinking I really must remember to post about this. So what happens? Early evening comes, the boys are in bed, all my jobs are done, and out comes my trusty old laptop and ... it's too late. All those interesting thoughts from earlier in the day are gone. 

*Sigh* All those potential posts wasted.

Probably the biggest obstacle I face when it comes to blogging is that I very rarely have anything to hand on which to scribble my thoughts. At heart, I'm very much a good old fashioned pen and paper kind of gal, but it's hardly convenient and not particularly feasible to carry around a notepad and pen all day. Anyway, in this day and age I should probably be making better use of my smartphone but I'm not a fan of posting from there because I can't seem to format my post so it's consistent with the rest of my blog. 

The second obstacle I face is trying to get out of the mindset that I can only post once in a day. I don't have to choose just one idea to write about - I can write about it all and if I don't want to post everything that day, I can schedule some of them for another day. I don't know why that never occurred to me before. I guess I can be a bit slow on the uptake at times!  

So how do all you other bloggers and writers do it? Please come and share your top tips with me and if I find any out, I'll share them back.


SouthwarkBelle said...

Just been pondering on how to be a bit better at this blogging thing too, I tend to end up drafting everything in my head over and over all day and then finally get the kids to bed and am too zonked to do anything other than zone out in front of the TV! I'm a pen and paper girl too, I really want an app that will convert handwriting to text but I'm yet to find a good one!

I'm about to start a 30 day blogging challenge, e-book gives prompts/ideas for what to post each day eg. something topical, something based on a song etc. I'm hoping it'll force me to get more thing from head to web!

Sally said...

I am a pen and paper gal too, but life's busy. What I do often do is send myself a text with one or two words that will remind me of what I want to post about. I tend to have a phone next to the bed, too, so if something occurs to me while I'm asleep, I text it to myself.

Joanne Mallon said...

What I tend to do is sit on an idea for a day or two and if it's still on my mind and feels like it's something that needs to be said, then I will write about it. So I don't write much 'newsy' stuff unless a topic really grabs me. But it also means that more fleeting thoughts don't necessarily have to become a post. Though if they really were all that fleeting then they probably didn't merit a post anyway.

I'm another notebook person, but I do use the notepad function on my phone to jot a few words down. As to how often to post, that's entirely up to you. Recently I've been doing one longer post once or twice a week, but that can easily change.

Anne-Marie said...

I wish I was more organised too. I've written dozens of blog posts in my head but when I sit down in front of the computer I've forgotten all the wonderful (cough) things I was going to say. I'm not a planner either, I really respect people who can do it but I'll write three posts one day and publish them all, then none for a week. Erk! If you ever find the answer, I'd love to know too :-)

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