Wednesday 11 January 2012

A midnight wandering in the buff

Picture the scene : It was nearly midnight. Husband and baby were sleeping soundly next to me. Toddler was snoozing deeply in the next room. I, on the other hand, was wide awake; insomnia having decided to pay me a visit. 

All I could think was I really needed some sleep, ANY sleep, before the night feeds began. Lying in bed quietly with my eyes closed wasn't fooling my mind into winding down so I took to twitter in the hope it would distract me enough to then be able to sleep.

Luckily for me, one of my favourite newbie bloggers, Only Five Fingers from Father, Son And The Odd Blog Post, was mooching about in a slightly inebriated state (I can confidently say that based on the content of his tweets!).

If you haven't met fingers yet, go and take a look at his blog, especially his posts here and here, which really showcase his versatility. He proclaims himself to be a normal bloke in a not so normal world and whilst this may be true, he's also a great writer, full of personality and his love for his family shines through.

So, I took the opportunity to challenge fingers to write me a "cheering up song" with the condition it include 2 of my favourite things; Buffy and cake. In return, I promised I'd post the results here on my blog. I hope you enjoy what his post-midnight brain fuelled with beer and wine came up with. I did!

I wandered lonely in twittering world,
A post was all she asked
To write a verse, like a wandering fool
And in glory then to bask
The subject of her task was simple
It really wasn’t a toughie
To write a ditty and not take the piss
Of her obsession for little old Buffy

I have no idea of who that is
It leaves me not well placed
To write some witty verse or two
And not be over faced
I grab a beer and then a wine
To lube my creaking mind
I decide to check the net for buff
And pray I won’t go blind

I‘ve found that Buffy slays vampires
She also looks quite buff
It’s fair to say I’ve horn right now
From gazing at her muff
I’m sure this isn’t what was in her mind
When setting me this task
But bare with me, it’s late, I’m drunk
It’s more than most would ask

Seems slayer loves her cake as well
Least this is what she asked
To include some sponge, chocolate or plain
Her passion is unmasked
Combine the two she laughed and joked
Its easier than it seems
And so right now I head to bed
Buffy’s cakey muff is in my dreams

From buff to muff and onto cake
These verses know no bounds
Combine the two is slayers whim
Her kinky night we’ve found
A love of both is strange I feel
In fact it’s somewhat kinky
But I need to stop, I’m so tired now...
So post my verse and link me!!

I doff my hat to you Mr Fingers for coming up with what is undeniably an unexpected way of intermingling Buffy and cake! Should I have known better? Probably!

To let Only Five Fingers know what you thought of his adventures in travelling minstrelism, follow him on twitter and nudge him into conversation. Don't forget you can also leave a comment here x


caughtwriting said...

Clever stuff! I'd struggle sober, let alone late at night after some alcohol. Polly

The Last Slayer said...

He was definitely in a bawdy mood when he wrote it! I would say it was caused by the alcohol but it's clear from twitter he's go an equally cheeky sober side!

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