Wednesday, 21 March 2012

48 hours later

Well, I managed another 24 hours without sugar and have officially completed my detox. I should be ecstatic as tomorrow, I can start bingeing on chocolate again but instead, I'm feeling quite perturbed. You see, today was almost too easy.

I know that probably sounds a bit weird but apart from the usual tiredness (courtesy of 3 hourly night wakings from the baby, lucky me!) I really didn't have much in the way of sugar cravings today. Okay, I glanced a couple of times at a little bag of leftover chocolate but I didn't have to force myself to stay away from it, I just sipped my fruit tea and got on with the day. And that worries me.

Surely I should be having sugar withdrawal headaches and all sorts by now?

As much as I would like to think I'm now sugar-free, I suspect one of the reasons why I don't feel that bad is because 48 hours hasn't been long enough to cleanse my system. I think I need to give the detox a bit more time before I truly feel its benefit so I'm going to keep going for another 24 hours and see what my body throws at me. If I have to, I'll try another 24 hours and another......

Reading that back I sound like a right glutton for punishment! But nothing good ever came easy right? And so far, this detox has definitely fallen in the "easy" category. That speaks volumes to me.


Jane @ northernmum said...

well done you!

I tried to start my diet today and fell off the wagon by lunchtime! I need some of your will power!

Peaches*and*pearls said...

Well done and keep it up .Imagine how amazing a week will feel ? Says me sipping on a sugary cup of coffee :( I must stop eating rubbish !

The Last Slayer said...

My willpower is normally non-existent so I've managed to surprise myself. I think it helped that I really did feel like I needed to do this and to do it now. I need to transform it into a healthy eating regime but don't feel quite ready to be that virtuous yet!

The Last Slayer said...

Aw, thank you! And there's nothing wrong with a lovely cup of coffee, although I'll have to have some sweetener in mine. Are you on twitter? I tried to find you to say thank you for visiting but couldn't find you.

Charlotte said...

You are very brave!!!

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