Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The first 24 hours

I've made it through 24 hours without any chocolate or sweets or other sugary treats. I may have transformed into a crotchety old harridan but at least it's a sugar-free version!

Here's what I've learnt so far:

  • When detoxing from sugar, do not walk down the cake and easter egg aisles in the supermarket.
  • Do not leave a half-empty bag of Giant Buttons in plain sight unless you want it to spend the day winking at you.
  • The afternoon was worse than the morning. I felt incredibly tired and kept thinking if I just had a little bit of chocolate, I would bounce back and get so much more done.
  • I should have given a bit more thought to what I was going to substitute sugar with before I started the detox. Because I didn't, I ended up "snacking" on bread and butter, which didn't really do much for my energy levels or my health.
Another 24 hours to go and maybe even longer if I think my body needs it. After that, I need to start thinking about eating healthily and sensibly. I need to be a role model for my boys.

If I could just have a piece of chocolate first...


Actually Mummy said...

I am with you on that sentiment. I eat too much sugar and drink too much alcohol! I would love to know what you are going to substitute with. I give up sugar regularly - too regularly to call it giving up really ;)

Peaches*and*pearls said...

Im really impressed your are trying this actually neally need to give up sugar and caffine myself but I'm too afraid I'll murder my family accidentally .

The Last Slayer said...

I'm stuck when it comes to substitutes. I would definitely say that my knowledge about how to eat healthily and what to eat is very lacking. It will be quite a challenge to turn my diet around. I think if you're having days with sugar and days without then you're probably okay - for me, I was eating huge amounts of chocolate every day and couldn't do without it. Am definitely starting to feel better for having the detox.

The Last Slayer said...

Thank you for your support! I'm lucky in that I'm not a big caffeine drinker but you can't beat having a decent coffee so there's no way I could give up both! It's poor husband that's seen the really crotchety side of me since starting the detox. He's mainly keeping very quiet! LOL

Mammasaurus said...

I gave up sugary things last year for a whole 2 months - it started off and it was so hard! But after a week it got easier and then empowering!
You can do it!

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