Monday, 24 June 2013

I've had a revamp

I've been feeling in a bit of a blogging rut lately and a bit "meh, what's the point" so last night, I decided to change the look of my blog. I'm hoping the lighter colours and new layout will inspire me to write a lot more.

I know the title of my blog "A Hell Of A Woman" probably seems at odds with the graphic of the tired girl, head slumped in arms, up there in the corner but it felt particularly apt to me. I may be that tired girl at the moment but one day, I will be more. I will be a hell of a woman. It's just taking a little longer than I expected.


Unknown said...

I get into blogging ruts all the time...probably why I'm currently writing my 4th (that's right, 4th) blog. All the others have died. And I've buried them. I hope you get out of yours long enough to keep this one going! I know how hard it is!!

BaconRolls to Plastic Dolls said...


I don't know what your blog looked like before but I like this one. Its good to have a change and freshen things up.

I feel like that about life sometimes, it would be nice to swap my kids and girlfriend for a few hours to see if the grass really is greener. I suppose the problem is that they may realise that life is better without me :o(

Haha, I am not quite sure where that came from. I have suffered with the same feelings as you are experiencing a couple of times. I just take some time off scan the web and then come back when I am ready.

Great blog by the way :o)

The Last Slayer said...

Thank you both for visiting. It's always good to hear that other people feel the same. As much as it can be overwhelming at times,there's definitely a lot of inspiration to be found on the web. Lets hope some of it rubs off on me!

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