Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dexter : The Final Season


Hands up who's watching the final season of Dexter? I'm three episodes in (just caught up with What's Eating Dexter Morgan? last night) and am absolutely loving it! Debra Morgan is one of my all-time favourite characters and Jennifer Carpenter is consistently nailing the part. She's really making the show for me.

The big question though is how is this season going to play out? I have a few ideas of things I think are going to happen but really, it's anyone's guess and the uncertainty is very exciting. So, here's what I think:

  • In previous seasons, we've seen famous actors take on the role of key villain so I see us finding out that Sean Patrick Flanery as Deb's new boss is not the good ol' guy that he makes himself out to be. And while we're at it, lets stick a big question mark over Charlotte Rampling's Dr Evelyn Vogel.
  • Again, in previous seasons, Deb has consistently been drawn to men who, on the surface, appear to be good guys but actually turn out to be serial killers. Another reason to keep our eyes on Sean Patrick Flanery.
  •  Is it a coincidence that Deb's boss mixes up a rehydration drink for her before she goes to check out that storage container only to pass out and find out, when she's come to, that she's supposedly shot and killed El Sapo? And he mixes up another such drink for her right on the day she ends up stumbling into the Police Department, supposedly drunk, and confesses to killing LaGuerta. But what's his motivation?
  •  And Dr Vogel: does anyone else get the feeling that she still sees Dexter as some kind of "experiment"? She certainly seems very keen to "help" Deb but I'm not convinced it's out of the goodness of her heart.
  • I'm guessing that Quinn will eventually put it all together and figure out the truth about Dexter. But, is he going to end up doing something drastic to try and keep Deb safe? or is he going to be another casualty of the show?
  •  Are we going to see the show coming full circle with Dexter dead and Harrison witnessing it? It leaves wiggle room for a spin-off.
I can't wait until the next episode! What do you think is going to happen this season? and will Dexter survive it? Let me know your thoughts.


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