Monday, 22 July 2013

Improving my health : Making a start and a Summer Porridge recipe

Thank you everybody that commented on my post about rebalancing my hormones.

Since writing it, I've downloaded Master your Metabolism by American powerhouse and all-round fitness badass Jillian Michaels as well as Beat Candida by Erica White. I haven't finished both of them yet but already it's clear that, just as I suspected, my sugar intake is WAY too high.

Yesterday and today, I paid much closer attention to what I was eating and today, in particular, I noticed that although for me I was eating "better", it still wasn't great.

The good news, I discovered a quick, easy to make breakfast that I can take to work with me and only takes a few minutes to prepare the night before. I mixed porridge oats into greek yoghurt, added some frozen blueberries, and then left the whole concoction in the fridge overnight to give the oats lots of time to soften  - TA DAH! It's a great alternative to traditional porridge, which I can't imagine taking to work in this weather, and much more filling than yoghurt alone.

Not so much the "bad" news but the things I realised I need some inspiration about are:

1. What can I substitute white rice, pasta and bread with? Today, I took last night's leftovers for lunch (Chicken Fried Rice with onions, green peppers, peas and sweetcorns) but it didn't fill me up for long enough. I wonder whether I would have been better having cous cous instead of rice or maybe something in a pitta bread or wrap? or even whether I should add in an extra lunchtime course, perhaps soup?

2. Certainly at work the snack options are fairly limited and although I was much more prepared than usual and had chopped up an apple to dip into peanut butter (yum!), this wasn't enough for a whole day. Also, I think it would be best to try and cut out fruit sugars (at least initially) and take chopped veggies with hummus. But as an alternative, what about savoury muffins or homemade oat flapjacks?

What sorts of things do you have for lunch and to snack on? I'd love it if you would let me know in the comments.


Modalconfusion said...

Two wraps with chicken and salad or smoke salmon with salad one at around 10.30 and the other at around 1pm with an apple and banana do the trick for me and home made balanced meal c/o MsDivers with portion control finishes off the eating for the day. A two finger kit kat at 107 cals for a treat. Can't wait for tomorrow's offering of the same.

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