Monday, 8 July 2013

My little boy is poorly on his birthday :-(

My youngest is 2 today but he's really not himself.

I can't decide whether he's caught a stomach bug, or the sun and heat is too much for him (he prefers the shade like me so the last few days have been hard going for him), or his molars are trying to come through, but whatever it is, he's clingy and grumpy off and on through the day and unsettled and upset through the night.

Last night, he kept pointing to the calpol and ibuprofen bottles and I felt awful because I had to tell him he'd had all the medicine he could have at that point. Nothing seemed to help and even stroking his hair didn't soothe him.

Sigh. I wish he could tell me what was wrong! It's so hard having to guess.

What a rotten way to spend your birthday :-(


Anonymous said...

Aw, bless. Hope your toddler is feeling a bit better now... How about some belated birthday celebrations to cheer him up? ;) x

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