Monday, 18 March 2013

Having fun over at Polyvore

I recently discovered Polyvore; a fantastic website that allows you to create your own sets showcasing your style tips, products you love, accessories that complete an outfit and much more. 

I've had so much fun putting together 2 sets based on an animal print blazer similar to the one I mentioned in this post and I'm really enjoying having this way to explore my new-found interest in fashion and style.

Here's the very first set I created ...

Have fun with animal print

Have fun with animal print by thelastslayer featuring cat jewelry

Why don't you come on over to Polyvore? Even if you don't fancy creating any sets yourself, I'm sure you'll find plenty to inspire you.


Late For Reality said...

Did you have any issues with uploading your set? Mine seems to be messing up my blog layout :( Great look btw I love the trousers!

The Last Slayer said...

When I first loaded it up, I didn't make any changes to the size and just went with their standard/default one, which was something like 600 x 700 but it extended out into my side bar, so I got rid of it. When I uploaded it again, I chose the image size down, 500 x 642, and that suited my blog much better. Is it sizing that's mainly the issue for you do you think? I'm popping round to take a look :-)

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