Friday, 29 March 2013

The Walking Dead : who will survive season 3?

I'm a real fan of any series that is brave enough to kill off key characters and if there's one thing you can expect from TWD it's that ANYTHING can happen to absolutely ANYONE.

With the Season 3 finale a few days away, the big question is who will survive and assuming the writers don't cop out by sacrificing some of the minor but recurring characters, here's who I think could be at risk.

Glenn: He's really been through the mill this season and as much as I love his relationship with Maggie, I don't see where else the writers can take his character. I know he's a fan favourite but I feel he's fast becoming another T-dog. Sorry Glenn, but you win my nomination for most likely to become zombie fodder.

Hershel: He's survived one zombie bite but the loss of his leg puts him in a risky position. He's vulnerable and the group knows it but there's nothing they can really do about it. Let's face it, the odds are against him and if it doesn't happen now, it'll be soon.

Carol: Without a doubt Carol is one of my most favourite characters. She's come such a long way since Season 1 and I am WILLING for her relationship with the truly delicious Daryl to evolve to the next level. But with the introduction of Tyreese, I worry this means we're going to see something happen that will split Daryl from the group and cause Tyreese to step in as Rick's second and what would be more likely to do that than Carol's death?? I will be absolutely gutted though as I don't want to see her go.

Rick: This has been the hardest season yet for Rick and if he survives, will it be with his sanity intact? Okay, it's unlikely he'll die and as far as I know there haven't been any reports that Andrew Lincoln has decided not to renew his contract, but what a twist that would be!

Andrea: I confess she still annoys the hell out of me. I wouldn't be sad to see her character go and now we have Maggie, is she really necessary? And yet I can't see her being killed off just yet as I think she'll manage to create more conflict in life than in death. Reintegrating with the group after everything that's happened will certainly prove a big challenge for Andrea and I hope the writers don't make it too easy for her.

Maggie: She's turning into one tough cookie and I find her much more likeable than Andrea. I don't think the writers will kill her off unless they think it will open up other storylines and I surely can't be the only one who wouldn't be half as interested in seeing how Glenn copes with Maggie's death as I would be in seeing how Maggie copes with his.

Carl: He's had to do a lot of growing up this season and thank god he did because he was such an annoying pain in the arse last season, I was positively rooting for the zombies to take him out. I've had a real change of heart towards him this season and as one of the youngest members of the group he's naturally got a lot of growing up still to do. Will he walk the same path as his dad or will we eventually see conflict between them? There's obviously a lot further for him to go.

Beth: We've not really seen much of Beth yet in spite of her screen time. She's always been shown as the softly spoken innocent and you assume she's unwilling to hurt others and therefore unable to protect herself. I think we're going to see more from Beth and I think she's going to surprise us.  

Michonne: One of the most magnificent kickass characters EVER! That fight, that glorious fight between Michonne and The Governor when she killed his zombie daughter and put his eye out, just wow! It's much too soon for her to go. End of.

Daryl: I've put him at the bottom of my list because let's face it, if Daryl goes, we're all turning off!

What do you think? Who do you hope will survive? And who would you really miss if they didn't make it to the next season!


Anne said...

Really interesting and I think you are probably spot on, certainly regards either Maggie or Glenn going, he's just proposed of course they're going to be separated, getting married is just too nice for TWD. I'm so with you on Daryl too, he goes, I go!

Tom said...

Great post! I agree that one of the lovebirds will get it. I think Hershel will be fine though - he's got that cool-old-guy-with-long-hair survival vibe about him!

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