Friday 16 December 2011

Commercial break : I spy with my little eye...

...something beginning with A

I'm going to go ahead and give you the answer because in I Spy terms, I'm cheating.
It's 'A' poorly baby.

And the photo doesn't do him justice. He has red-rimmed eyes; a red, snotty nose; coughing and sneezing fits; and a hot little head.

I hate that he's poorly. I feel so powerless. I just want to be able to magic the illness away rather than having to ram a thermometer down his tiny earholes and pour calpol, and the odd bit of ibuprofen, down his throat.

Fingers crossed he has a good night and wakes up tomorrow feeling a lot better and definitely not worse.

Click on the badge below to visit Mum Of One who is hosting this game of I Spy and to see the other entries:

Mum of One


Anonymous said...

Ah poor mite. I have one of those myself. It is Calpol central round here! Hope he feels much better soon and YAY that you linked up :)

Anonymous said...

Bless him. T is just about to start nursery so I shall have one too very soon :(

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