Monday, 5 December 2011

Commercial break : mix-tape Monday #5

Today's theme : First song I ever bought

Oh god, Bros, how I loved them! I had posters and everything.

It was a tough call deciding between this ("when will I be famous") and "I owe you nothing".

I'm currently jiggling the baby's arms around whilst singing along to this one. He's laughing thus proving it's a classic that's more than capable of standing the test of time!

In fact, just for the hell of it, here's "I owe you nothing" coz I'm good like that:

For slightly more credible song choices, and to link up with the mix-tape, why not pop over to Mammasaurus' blog as she's hosting today's mix-tape on behalf of Boo and Me. 

Boo and Me


Anonymous said...

I had this album, it's brilliant! Definitely takes me back.

Mammasaurus said...

Oh wow ! My cousin made a copy of this tape and posted it to me. At the tender age of 12 it was really exciting to have a parcel through the letterbox - let alone one containing a Bros Tape!

Thank you for getting me all nostalgic!

Stressy Mummy said...

Good song, a definite jig around the living room sort of song!

Anonymous said...

Used to dance along to this in my step brothers room when he was out. Loved it!

SkatingAmsterdaMummy said...

Ha Ha,I thought I was too old for Bros, they were for the younger girls... i still loved them although I didn't admit it to anyone...

Pippa Ainsworth said...

I had this album on tape. I can still see it now. Did you wear those Grolsch bottle tops on your shoes though?

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