Friday 9 December 2011

12 days of Buffy : the puppet show

There's something incredibly creepy about a ventriloquist's dummy. For me, it's the eyes. They're so big and static and simultaneously lacking in life whilst having too much life. 'Tis a freaky combination.

Fortunately, the twist in the 9th episode of season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that Sid the dummy isn't a demonic denizen of hell. He is in fact a demon-hunter cursed into dummy-form. Phew! Now they only have to deal with the demon-possessed magician that's decided to harvest Giles' brain.

Now I know I should be writing about something that this episode has inspired in me but you'll have to forgive me because I'm a bit distracted.

Remember me mentioning about a month ago that husband had hurt his back? Well, he went to the Chiropractor's today because it wasn't completely better and it turns out he had 3 slipped discs which needed a good manipulation. He's not allowed to bend or lift or basically do anything that might exacerbate it for a week minimum and he's got to go back in a month so they can work on it a bit more.

I feel really sorry for him because since last April, he's worked really hard to lose weight and improve his fitness levels. He's lost over 7.5 stone and his stamina and endurance is the best it's ever been. He's also looking forwards to the GP not being able to dismiss any ailments he may have as being down  to his weight. He's very passionate about martial arts and will really miss being involved with his muay thai class albeit temporarily. He'll also miss being able to scoop up the toddler for big cuddles when he gets in from work.

I know that by comparison to what some others have to deal with, this is small potatoes but it just seems so bloody unfair that after all his hard weight loss work, he's managed to do this to his back now rather than when he was overweight (a more common cause of slipped discs). Typical!

Today, I've decluttered and cleaned the bedroom, which leaves me with the following to do:
  • Put locks on all the "un-safe" drawers/cupboards
  • Sort out the big box of books that's been sat in the conservatory for the last 3 years
  • Tidy and organise my craft table so if I wanted to, I could actually use it
  • Put locks on the bedside drawers
  • Make the boys some fleece trousers
  • Do some batch cooking
  • Finish the Christmas shopping

Husband and I have also devised a plan of attack for the spare bedroom but this particular job is on hold until his back's sorted.

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See you tomorrow x


MargotBarbara said...

Oh, your poor husband, send him my best wishes and well done on finishing de-cluttering your bedroom! I am still ploughing through mine - and all I've done today is add MORE mess in the form of Christmas shopping. Argh!!!
PS - this episode was one of my favourites. I really dislike dummies but the cleverness of this episode really worked.

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