Friday 2 December 2011

12 days of Buffy : the harvest

After yesterday's success, I was so keen to jump back into the Buffyverse that I practically sprinted upstairs to put the toddler to bed as soon as he started to look tired!

Today's episode was "The Harvest" in which Buffy's secret is revealed to Willow and Xander, the scooby gang (as they call themselves) is formed and an apocalypse averted. All in a day's work right?!

I found myself noticing how different everyone looked in season 1 by comparison to the seventh season finale. There is a real feeling of youth and vitality that abounds throughout this and the previous episode. This feeling, along with the humour, camaraderie and more importantly, the truthfulness of the writing, is what allows me to ignore the slow and clunky fight sequences, the odd piece of dodgy dialogue and the sparse but weirdly tinkly background music. I'm glad because if I hadn't been able to see past these flaws, I cannot for one minute believe I'd be the same person today as I am now.

Obviously part of the significance of this episode is that Buffy's secret is revealed and although the last thing she wants is to put anyone else's life in danger, the revelation ultimately benefits her, as she gains 2 close friends and therefore moves one step closer to the normality she craves.

This got me thinking about secrets. Do you have one? Would you ever consider sharing it? Are you happy to keep secrets from those who are closest to you? If not, how do you deal with the guilt? Has your secret had a positive/negative impact on your life?

I do have a secret. No, I won't share it here. Suffice to say I was placed in a very awkward situation by an individual and I then had to decide whether to say anything to a relative of that individual or not. It was a horrible position to be in made worse by the fact, for me, it felt like a no-win situation.

I won't keep a secret from my husband and luckily I've never been asked to! The only exception is if it's "insignificant" secrets about things like his birthday or Christmas presents.

What about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts about secrets. Please feel free to share them in the comments box below and if you have a blog post on the subject, include a link so I can be nosey and visit!

I'm really pleased that I managed to cross another 3 tasks off my to-do list today. I cleaned the living room blinds, decluttered the living room and dusted and tidied the mantlepiece. What surprised me was that when I got started, it didn't take me very long at all and the dulcet tone of the hoover even sent the baby to sleep! An unexpected bonus.

This is what's left on my list:
  • Take down the hallowe'en gel stickers on the interior window
  • Clear the dining room table
  • File away all the paperwork
  • Put locks on all the "un-safe" drawers/cupboards
  • Sort out the big box of books that's been sat in the conservatory for the last 3 years
  • Tidy and organise my craft table so if I wanted to, I could actually use it
  • Declutter the bedroom
  • Put locks on the bedside drawers
  • Make the boys some fleece trousers
  • Do some batch cooking
  • Do the Christmas shopping

And the biggest one of all:

  • Declutter and clean the spare bedroom before decorating it ready for the toddler to move into after his Boxing day birthday. The baby will then move into the nursery *sob*
What next?

To find out Nyssapod's thoughts on "The Havest", head on over to Audioboo. You can also follow Nyssapod's progress at
When you've done that, pop on over to Chapters of Claire where you'll find Claire's progress updates as soon as she's had chance to write them up and publish them to her blog.
Join in!

If you want to join in the 12 days of Buffy challenge then details of how to do this can be found on my previous posts here and here. You don't have to be a fan of Buffy - you just have to have a desire to get rid of some of those jobs you've been putting off for a while. It's about clearing the decks and paving the way for your own fresh start.

See you tomorrow x


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