Wednesday, 25 January 2012

You're beautiful (if a bit lop-sided)

Last week, I felt positive and upbeat. I was ready to think about tackling some of the many jobs that have been playing on my mind and I was full of inspiration about how I could move this blog forwards.

This week, I feel worthless. Don't ask me to explain why, I don't know. I can't make any sense of it myself.

One step forwards, two steps back.

So, on the advice of the Cheetah Keeper's mum, I'm joining in with her (relatively new) linky "You're Beautiful".

Inspired by a tweet from the Black Dog Tribe, which said:
All we can do is take one day and one step at a time. We’d love to hear what positive things you are doing today?

The Cheetah Keeper's Mum has invited everyone to link up any pictures or posts of anything beautiful you, or a loved one, may have seen or done today.

Well, my day started with my toddler getting annoyed that his fringe was falling in his eyes and when I asked him if he wanted mummy to cut his hair, he said yes.

"Cool Dude"

I armed myself with scissors and a comb and started snipping...and snipping...and snipping.

"70'S Popstar"

In my defense it's really hard to cut a fringe in a straight line.

And really, I should have known better as the last time I cut his hair, he ended up looking like I'd put a bowl on his head and cut around it!

The lovely Claire reckons he can carry off his wonky "do" and I should call it "The Tilt" and start a trend. What do you think?

So, this was my (lop-sided) beautiful moment today. To see more, go and visit the Cheetah Keeper's mum at Cheetahs In My Shoes and take a look at the other entries on the linky list.


Anonymous said...

He's such a cutie! Thank you for linking (and we'll sort the badge thing out for you!)

Pam Williams said...

He's gorgeous, love you and him to bits xxx

The Last Slayer said...

LOL! I keep thinking at least when the baby needs his first hair cut,I'm sure to be much more of a hairdressing expert!

The Last Slayer said...

Love you too xx

miss_claireeg said...

Aw he's gorgeous - in both pics! I wouldn't dare cut my son's hair so well done for giving it a bash! Cx

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