Thursday, 17 November 2011

Commercial break : 7 secret things

The delightful Mrs Slummy Mummy and 1978rebecca have honoured me with an award.

Of course, as is often the nature of these things, there's a catch. I have to share 7 of my secrets with you. Yes, it's all starting to sound a bit fairytale isn't it?!

Here they are:

Secret 1:
Husband says he woke one night to find me crouched over him, hissing and teeth bared, as though I was about to sink my fangs into his neck! He was so freaked out, he nearly punched me. He didn't though.

Secret 2:
When I was in my teens, I may have written a few love letters to Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame. He never wrote back.

Secret 3:
My husband affectionately calls me "mole" because in the mornings, I'm all squinty eyed and burrow under the bed covers to avoid being woken up by daylight.

Secret 4:
I loathe wooden coffee stirring sticks and ice lolly sticks. If the stick is left in my hot drink too long, I swear it makes my drink taste funny and I get a weird fuzzy feeling in my mouth that makes my skin crawl. The same with ice lolly sticks; I struggle to suck the end of the lolly off the stick for the same reason.

Secret 5:
When I was in my teens, my mum and dad took my little brothers on holiday entrusting care of the home and family pets to me and my younger sister.

We woke one morning to find my brothers' hamster stiff and unmoving and having had no experience in what to do in this type of situation, we very considerately chucked the poor little mite into the wheely bin.

Later that day, at my part-time waitressing job, I was told that some animals can go into a state of hibernation that resembles death but if you warm them up, they'll awaken.

Cue me, upon returning home, rooting through the wheely bin to find the hamster and holding it over the pressed down and warm toaster in the hope my assumption it had died was proven to be wrong. Needless to say, it wasn't.

The hamster went back in the wheely bin.

Secret 6:
I love Jason Statham films. I can't help it! I'm a sucker for films with no plot but loads of action and he does what he does so well! You don't need to mock me - my husband does plenty of that!

Secret 7:
My go to song whenever I'm feeling down and which always cheers me up is Hanson's "mmm bop" *whispers* please don't take my award away from me!

So there you go. 7 things you didn't know about me. Now lets pass the award on and find out about some others.


A Little Light Work said...

Oh cripes, Mrs Slayer; I don't think I have seven secrets. I'll get thinking... (I know my name appears as Millsandboonwannabe, but I am the same as Littlelight work. Don't ask)

Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron said...

Blimey, what a week of self-revelation you've endured! Love the hamster tail - sorry, tale.

Rebecca English said...

Blossom wow! I loved that show too. In retrospect it was bad though. Shamefully I even had a blossom style hat. I thought it was so so cute. It wasnt.

Anonymous said...

Your post really made me giggle! Especially the hamster story (sorry... it must have been awful at the time!).
Thanks for telling me about your blog via twitter! It's great!!
Silver Chick

Anonymous said...

I did this award for you too but it has already reached you. I like you and I only found your blog yesterday but I think we connect on some levels

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