Thursday, 22 December 2011

Commercial break : all I want for Christmas (that money can't buy)

I've been tagged by Dorky Mum and Margot and Barbara to tell you about those money-can't-buy-things I'd love to have for Christmas and to be honest, I've deliberately held off writing this post because I've really struggled to think what they are.

Now before you all write me off as completely shallow and selfish, let me explain it's not because I in any way, shape or form equate Christmas with money. It's because my head hasn't been in the right place over the last week or so. I find it hard to put my finger on exactly what's been wrong but whatever it was, it took me away from my blog and to a degree, from twitter and left me feeling very insecure and insular.

Fortunately, and I realise this will sound strange, inspiration for this post struck when we all came down with a nasty cold towards the end of last week. When you see the people you love struggling, it makes you realise what's important.

The idea for this post actually originated with Mummy Central and the rules are as follows:
  1. List up to five things you are wishing for which money can't buy
  2. Tag someone else to do the same
  3. Add your post title to the linky link over at Mummy Central's blog
  4. Leave a comment over on Mummy Central's post so she knows she's not alone in her mutterings!
So here are my money can't buy Christmas wishes:

Good health for my family and friends : too many people have been struck down with one bug or another in the last few weeks. I wish everyone a speedy recovery, including my baby boy who is still battling the tail-end of a cold and a persistent cough.

Unbroken sleep : I've spent the last 6 months waking every 2 to 3 hours through the night with the baby. I dream about spending the night in a hotel and just sleeping and sleeping! Husband was very excited when I mentioned this to him until he realised I meant on my own!

For my hair to stop falling out : seriously, enough now! I am sick of finding huge clumps of hair everywhere I go. I want to be able to wear my hair long and loose rather than scraped back into a bun or in plaits. Don't make me have to get pregnant again!

Self awareness and inner peace : there have been times this year when I've been judged and misunderstood by others and it's hurt. There have also been times when I've questionned my mental health and more generally, myself. I need to feel stronger and more secure about myself and I really think the way to do that is to find out exactly who I am as an individual - my likes, dislikes, beliefs, values, moral code, skills  - and make peace with myself.

Active creativity : I've mentioned before that procrastinating is a big flaw of mine so this Christmas, I'd love for that particular characteristic to vanish and for there to be a torrential outpouring of creative endeavours from me.

Now you know mine, I'm going to tag Cat over at Yellow Days to tell us what she'd like for Christmas that money can't buy.


PoshBird said...

I loved reading this, and can relate to most of what you have said. Be patient with yourself and you'll grow into your own skin eventually. I too want to procrastination fairy to come and magic mine away :-D
x x

Bailey Ana said...

What a cool idea & I think you definitely need time to mull that one over. I particularly like the non broken sleep... My boys are old now but 'normal sleep' seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Number one has got to be inner peace though & I love how it's free but maybe the most illusive.

I hope you guys all feel better now & had a lovely Christmas.

Take care

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