Thursday, 8 December 2011

Commercial break : my favourite Christmas song

FACT : I am not a fan of Christmas songs.

FACT : I was a fan of this song before it became a Christmas No. 1.

FACT : My son was born the very next day.

Was it what you were expecting musodad? Thanks for the tag by the way ;-)

To keep the meme alive, I'm tagging:

I'm looking forwards to finding out what you each choose as your favourite Christmas song x


musodad said...

I wasn't expecting that at all but excellent choice. Love RATM.

Wag Doll said...

Good choice (was so glad that scuppered Cowell's plans for domination of the Xmas charts!)

I'm gonna be really boring and say I love the traditional Christmas tat that's played every year. Hard to choose between Mariah Carey 'All I Want For Christmas' to get you bopping at the start of the night, and The Pogues 'Fairytale of New York' for a boozey singalong at the end of the night. Crank 'em up and sing along! x

Stressy Mummy said...

What a good choice! I had forgotten about this and it is so much better than the x-factor rubbish!

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